The Story

Sammy and the Magical Sandbox is about the adventures of a young boy growing up in a small town in Australia who travels the world with the help of his "whirly whirly". Join Sammy as he explores New York, Rome, Paris and more, but don't worry - you will be always home in time for dinner! Learn More

The Vision

The Sammy and the Magical Sandbox series not only hopes to capture the spirit, magic and imagination of a child, the series also strives to be of great educational value, as children learn about the different cultures, people and countries that make up this world. Learn More

The Author

Angel Morgan, the author of the Sammy and the Magical Sandbox series, was inspired by her own experiences as a child growing up in a small town in Australia. Angel spent her days in her sandbox dreaming of faraway places. Follow along with the Sammy to see Angel's dreams come to life. Learn More

Sammy is a proud partner of the following organizations:

Library For All
Pencils of Promise