The Magic 5


The Sammy and the Magical Sandbox series is excited to create its initiative called The Magic 5, which will see the series collaborate with 5 amazing organizations around the world, who are helping kids who need it the most.

The idea behind working with five unique organizations, is to create an impact in various geographical locations around the world and assist in as many different areas of need as possible. The more the Sammy series brands the more we can assist and create a greater impact and we would love for you to join us.

Together we change the world!

Angel Morgan

You can also directly help us build schools. Together is how we change the world. Learn more.

#1. Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise logo
We came across Pencils of Promise, a unique organization who prefers to coin themselves a For Purpose movement. Its founder Adam Braun, is a young entrepreneur philanthropist, who met a boy on the streets in India whilst backpacking and asked him the following question " if you could have anything in the world, what would it be?" The boy responded with a pencil.

In that life changing moment Adam realized that this small boy, represented the reality of what many children are facing around the world, a lack of access to education. Since then Adam has worked tirelessly to build over 300 schools around the world and has a goal in this lifetime, to see that every child on the planet is able to go to school. With education comes knowledge and knowledge becomes the tool for which children are able to take themselves out of poverty and empower their communities.

We are excited to collaborate with Pencils of Promise, with a goal to help them build many more schools around the world! Learn more about Pencils for Promise.

Sammy is a proud partner of the following organizations:

Library For All
Pencils of Promise