The Story

Back Home in Time for Dinner!

One day a little boy named Sammy is playing in his sandbox in his little town in Australia, when a Sand Whirly- Whirly called Winston appears.Winston takes Sammy to faraway places, where he meets new and exciting friends and learns about the colorful cultures, countries and people that make up this world.

Teach your Children the World

Follow Sammy as he whirls his way to cities and countries around the world including Sydney, New York, Paris, Morocco, India, Brazil, Peru and MORE..... Your children will be sure to love each book as their imagination grows right along with Sammy!

Each inspirational story, will allow both you and your child to learn about the foods and culture of some of the magical places in the world.


Teach Your Children About Diversity and Acceptance of others.

Its important for small children to learn that we live in a world full of diverse cultures and people. Throughout the series we will highlight these differences and what makes us unique, whilst promoting an understanding and acceptance of others.

The Journey

Check out all the locations that Sammy and Winston have traveled to as they explore the world….but always home in time for dinner!

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Sammy is a proud partner of the following organizations:

Library For All
Pencils of Promise