This book is an amazing story for all kids and adults very well written and the illustration are great. highly recommended for all to read.

Rae Mumford

As a grandfather of young children, I can recommend this book without hesitation. Ms. Morgan is a creative writer in tune with her audience. This is certain to capture the imagination of young children and it is nicely illustrated as well.

Jesse Kasowitz
New York

As a mother of 7 children and a former grade school teacher, this is the perfect gift to inspire the young imagination! The story about "Sammy and the Magical Sandbox" takes the child on an exciting adventure where the ordinary suddenly becomes magical! I love the way this story tips the imagination and inspires children to think outside of the box. It is the perfect bedtime book, and it is also a wonderful classroom tool to get kids to think about ways to incorporate this type of an adventure into their own story writing. I also was very impressed with the beautiful illustrations and colors used! My children can hardly wait for the next book to hit the shelves! I would highly recommend this book to any parent or grandparent looking for a wonderful holiday gift that will stimulate the imagination!

Kelly Jerkatis
Illinois, USA

I purchased this book online for my nephew Kai for a 3rd birthday. He loved the brightly colored illustrations and I personally loved the story. As a traveler myself, I'm looking forward to see where Sammy travels to and as I continue to buy all the books in the series and I'm hoping Kai will develop the Character's sense of adventure. I Can't Wait for the next book to come out!!!!

Marissa Berland
Georgia, USA

This story and idea behind it (including how the author came up with it) is just magnificent!!! I have read this to the children I teach and they have not stopped asking me to read it to them again (so now I use it as a "reward" when they behave well!!) I wish this book existed when I was a child and I could explore the world with Sammy 🙂 A must read for both adults and children!

London UK

I heard about the author through a friend and then decided to purchase the first book of the series with no expectations. I was pleasantly surprised with the magic of the story as well as the beautiful illustrations. My children and their friends were excited to find out where Sammy would travel to next in his " Magical Sandbox." Book two was a great follow up to book one and the illustrations once again are very engaging and colorful for children. I plan on buying all the books for this series. How many will there be?

Sam David

I was very excited to see that Ms. Morgan created another Sammy and the Magical Sandbox book! Living in NY and sharing this book with the children I care for was so much fun! Can't wait for the next installment!

J Wells
Astoria, New York

Skillfully written, this little book made an impression on my 6-year-old son, and frankly, I liked it too. Very artsy, beautiful graphics also made the book a feast for the eyes! I like that it's written in a simple language that a young child can understand, yet creative enough to get his imagination going. My son really loved the Whirly Whirly illustration.

Western Australia

My little boy Ethan loves Sammy & The Magical Sandbox. With an fun story line, and vibrant, lively illustrations its one of Ethans' favorites at bedtime. Can't wait for the next sandbox adventure.

St Neots, Cambridgeshire . England

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