Diego Pedauye

Diego Pedauye is the illustrator for book 4 Sammy goes to Morocco. He has enjoyed following the journey of Sammy around the world and is excited to help bring the vision to life. After spending many years in London, Diego has recently moved back to his hometown of Benidorm, Spain. When he's not working on the Sammy series, Diego can be found working on multiple graphic design projects, including some awesome T-shirt designs and also traveling the world.

Helen Capewell

Helen Capewell is the illustrator of the  "Sammy goes to New York" and  " Sammy goes to Sydney " books in the series. Helen is a young artist based in London, England and is currently working on a number of exciting projects. With a prodigious amount of passion, determination and commitment ( not the mention the vast amounts of traditional English tea) Helen has an extensive background in design and illustration and is a welcomed member of the Sammy project. " I've loved being able to bring the journey of Sammy to life and I hope you all will enjoy the series as much as I do. I'm really excited to see where Sammy will journey to next on his magical adventures."

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